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Accidents happen, luckily most can be fixed.  The repairing process begins by recreating or replacing any missing pieces.  After making the individual parts whole again, pieces are glued together using techniques that make edges flush and seams invisible.  Finally, a finishing coat is applied to perfectly blend the new with the old.  



Much like furniture, time is not friendly to large wooden clocks.  Pieces become unglued, bases begin to deteriorate, moldings become loose, and finials get lost.  However, Woodja's years of repairing, regluing, and refinishing has translated into clock restoration perfection.  Clocks are brought back to life for many more years of enjoyment.



Before furniture restoration, Denise did custom woodworking in Los Angeles.  Twenty-five years of furniture experience later, she has perfected the art of custom furniture creations.  Collaborate with Woodja to create the ideal piece for your space.  Make your dream piece of furniture a reality!


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